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The Social Distancing One

The Social Distancing One

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Wines that all punch well above their weight, this case includes a wine for every occasion. From freshness and minerality in the Vermentino, to spicy, ripe berry fruits in Sicily – this case will keep you quenched and intrigued!


A case including three white and three red wines.

2018 Malvasia-Chardonnay, Ortonese - Abruzzo, Italy

Great value, freshness and intensity

2018 Pinot Gris, Verus - Ormoz, Slovenia 

A livery intense and aromatic Pinot Gris

2018 Ribolla Gialla, Ronchi di Cialla - Friuli, Italy

Weightless charm with a mineral, floral undertone

2015 Lussac-Saint-Émilion 'Chateau Chéreau - Bordeaux, France

Plums and cherries with a rich and smooth palate

2018 Nero D'Avola, Mezzogiorno - Sicily, Italy

Sicilian sun in the glass, mature and inviting

2018 Salento Rosso, Verso - Puglia, Italy

Full bodied, rich, plums, raisins, spice